Am I trying to move too fast?

For almost a year I been wanting to have a boyfriend and have an intimate relationship. I always was a friendly person, but even though I ended up alone. A couple of weeks ago I left my religion, that was very strict about having a boyfriend with the intention of marriage (that was not the only reason I left) and I'm having a hard time at home because of that. Besides all that I'm looking for a job, since 2 months ago quit to the last one. So, I'm with a lot of free time, almost no friends, with my family against me, so pretty much bored and alone.
So I started a profile at a dating page, in wich I met this boy, with wich I ended up having sex for the first time in my life. He wasn't that interest in me, just in having sex. So trying to move on (don't know if it was the right thing) I started to have Tinder, where I started chatting with this other guy. He sounds great and we talk every day , but I feel like I'm rushing into something and I can't help it. But my family is against me having a boyfriend.
By the way this week I have enterviews for different jobs so I'm gonna be busy. Should I focus just in the job, and making new friends only? Or maybe dating will help me? Am I trying to move too fast?


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  • You should take yourself seriously and think about your career rather than think about meeting new boys.


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  • Get a job first then contact me...


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