Could you date someone with ugly teeth/smile?

I know the obvious answer is no. I'm so embarrased. I have ugly teeth. I look literally million times better when my mouth is closed so that's what I do most of the time. I don't smile with my teeth, never have and probably never will. The reason I have bad teeth is because as a kid I was very scared of dentists and doctors in general and my mom never forced me to go. I wish she had forced me, my life would be so much better now. I'm still scared of dentists, being judged and tbh not much would be fixable anyways, too late for that.
That's probably also why I've never had a boyfriend cause I hear everywhere how important a girl's smile is to guys etc etc cause otherwise I'm pretty attractive and a nice, good girl.
So the question is.. is there any chance that some guy in the world would be able to look past that and still like me and love me? :( I don't wanna be alone forever because of some stupid thing like teeth. I'd put a pic up but I'm too embarrased and I don't wanna gross you guys out :/

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Most Helpful Guy

  • yes i most definitely could. Personally for me personality means so much more than looks. Something as little as bad teeth is insignificant to rule out a potential partner. there's much more to someone than how he/she looks. Im all open to you as long as you can keep a conversation, have a positive vibe and attitude and remain trust worthy and faithful thats all. I would kiss your teeth every day if you had these astounding attributes.

    • You're so nice, I wish more guys would be like you

    • that makes two of us, i sincerely wish so too.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Maybe visit a dentist? Their not worse than the scary monsters in your closet or under your bed...
    A nice Smile is a big turn on for me... So I voted A.

  • Yes i had dated woman with bad teeth before , she is really good in bed and i used to be crazy about her..

  • Crooked teeth, I don't care. Rotten and falling out, I can't handle.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah, these small things don't matter. And if you really like someone, you believe that everything about them is beautiful.
    But seriously, if you are that self conscious about it, go to the dentist. They will fix everything for you. It's not gonna be cheap but trust me they will make your teeth straight, white, it's even possible to change the shape.
    I had really ugly teeth before, they aren't perfect now, but way better :)

    • I don't have that much money right now and I probably won't get much richer in the near future :/ And I'm so scared a dentist is gonna judge and all that

    • Oh no, they are not gonna judge. They've seen worse. I'm also quite sure that you make the problem bigger than it actually is cuz you're self conscious. So my advice would be either save up some money (if good teeth will make you happier and it's worth all the time and expenses) or try to start loving yourself. No one is going to love you until you learn to love yourself.

  • Crooked teeth is fine by me, and I actually think its cute. You can have a lovely smile with bad teeth, don't stress too much about it:) just keep smiling!