Friendly or actually interested?

I met this girl (she's Latin), through a dating site. We are in our 20s. She and I met up for a drink. We laughed, talked, and walked around. She told me she had a great time. We have gone out a few more times since then. She has started to grab my hand and put her arm around mine when walking. She will sometimes even lean her head against my arm if we are at a standstill. She also has started calling me sweetie, amor, corazon, etc. She will even ask me to let her know when I get home after each time we go out. The other day, she came over and we watched a movie at my place. I had my arm around her and she would squeeze my hand and wrist occasionally. other times, she would put her head on my shoulder or link arms with me. We have talked every day since then (she has called me each night). However, when I drop her off home, she always turns so I have no choice but to kiss her on the cheek...


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