I meet this girls. We argue she always deletes me on Facebook?

I don't like her talking to 40 year olds. But she does. Now she's deleted me. She's 19 . I say ignore the bitch for a week


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  • Bj636, if you both are Not an item, hooked at the hip, then why should it be an issue for her to Be----Talking to 40 year olds.
    She most likely figures that if you are being a straw boss on One end of her life, that 'Deletes me on Facebook' could also be a Commander and Chief problem pattern down a beaten Path with this as well... I can tell.
    You need to talk things out with her and get on the same page. This sounds like it could continue to be a War of the Roses, no happy medium and you always in the dog house with this little pup.
    Good luck. xx

    • She won't add me. She was plaining to go on hoilday with me. I said I'm sorry by text. What next ignore her

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    • This isn't the first time I've mention old guys. She deleted me in the past. I know she ignoring me on purpose. She reads my message on Facebook. I hear she's in hospital. Did input her there

    • Perhaps you both are not good for one another... sounds like a problem child pattern that will not stop... now she is in the hospital? Could be something that stirred her up, yes or something else.. Whatever, this doesn't sound healthy. xx

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