I fell like this might be a stupid thing for me to do?

Dating this girl for a little for about 2 weeks. She ended it because she wasn't ready she got out of a serious relationship for 4 years 4 monthes ago. Got her fkowers after she ended it for Christmas just because and she loved them and we had a talk and we both agreed she isn't ready yet. She wanted to keep in contact and still talk and we where talking for a little but one day she stopped responding and I'm not sure why really. My question is she loves these eggs from my chickens at home I was thinking if I drop them off at her place just because with a note just saying hope you enjoyed the holidays it something that would help for her to know I'm till here. Guess im getting this in my head because I go onto Facebook and she always seems happy in some pics then other she doesn't. Maybe it's just me. The eggs a stupid thing that I should forget?


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  • Loneliness is a funny thing; it crawls beneath your skin, burrows into your veins, and becomes one with the blood that you pump through your body. It burns and stings and people go into shock and begin to do anything and everything to make it stop.

    It's not a waste of money. She won't come to you but you are self-medicating with a few bucks.

  • Dude, enough already. She isn't ready for a relationship with you, so just sending her stuff will be a waste of your time and money. Just let her be, and if she's that into you she'll come back.

    • Thanks dude for the kick in the b&@$. I needed it to get my head out of my ass and put it back where it needs to be.