Is this bad or too much?

My buddies girl now wife has acted strange with me before but nothing too crazy. She' has lots of guy friends so it's prob nothing. Back in the day my buddy asked who of all his friends she would date and she said me hands down. Why he asked I don't know. One night we were all walking to the bar and she jumped on my back for a piggy back ride. Not a short one she stayed on my back for like 10 mins. My buddy didn't seem to mind although he disappeared for like 10 mins while we were all walking and met us at the bar. Everyone was like wtf? So anyways now theyre married and she will tag or mention me in Instagram photos, like Random funny ones. Like tag a person that looks like a chicken nugget. Last time I emailed her and said haha and she emailed me back. She did it again today. Is this just being friendly? Or does she want me attention?


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  • Could be both, but since they're married you have to just be friendly with her and if she does something that makes you uncomfortable because it gets too close or something that you suspect would hurt your friend, tell her straight up.

    • Both or either? I feel it's kind of weird

    • If you're not comfortable with it, tell her to lighten it up a bit.

  • Stop interacting with her, it's obvious things aren't kosher.

    • Why? You think it's more than friendly? It should be kosher I've never heard otherwise.

    • As a woman, I have never put my body on a man I didn't intend to bed nor do I keep suggestive contact with any of my partners male friends. If you value your guy friend, stop interacting with his wife.

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