What should I get him to do?

okay so there is this guy and all of my friends say he is bad news, and he has had a bad past. but he wants to prove to me that he has changed and that he isn't actually a bad guy.

what should i get him to do to prove to me that he isn't a bad guy?


Xx Anna xX


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  • Your going to make him prove to you that he's not a bad guy? He obviously is if all your friends say, so save yourself emotional heartbreak and listen to them.

    • thank you so much

    • Your really beautiful anyway silly, could do a lot better. Also find a guy that your friends approve of, because they will only be speaking badly of this guy anyway and that will be hard for you.

    • awe thanks!! your so sweet!

  • What has he done to make him bad news?

  • judge a man by his actions

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