What to expect if I'm willing to date a religious girl being atheist?

I really like this new girl and I'm willing to date her, like really bad. The thing is I'm really liberal and an atheist and I have no concerns with her being religious (christian) but I'm thinking what could SHE think of ME once she finds out. Also I'm kinda perverted and although I WON'T try anything funny with her yet I'm concern if her devotion will restrain me in any way. Overall is it a good idea? Should I try to date her or walk off?


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  • It probably could cause problems in the long term if you have different goals in life. I am religious and I need someone else who is part of my faith and practicing.

    • This just in: It did. It caused, not problems, but rather different views on the topic and she went straight and direct on me saying she's only looking for a christian guy, like her.
      It was a weird experience. I have never been rejected over THAT topic. I guess there's always a first.
      We are now awkward friends.

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  • not to sound cliche or anything, but if two people seriously love each other, and their relationship is more than sexual attraction, love will handle everything else because when two people truly love each other, they will change and bend for each other. however, please do remember to have a certain amount of respect and do not joke around with things concerning christianity because she will probably be offended. being such opposites from each other, i'm sure both of you can learn something from each other. so i wouldn't worry as long as both of you know the limits. some christians are more chill and can take some jokes, but apologize sincerely if you have offended her. and with the "perverted" thing, she may be ok, but remember that her parents might not be. think of asian/brown parents and their strictness and need for modesty and respect.

    • I don't get to the point of loving, yet but I do feel really attracted to her, i think she's beautiful.
      I re-encountered her in the street, I hadn't talk to her since elementary!

      I have NO problem with religious people I know how to behave among them. It's just that some of them are prejudicial with the non-religious. That's why I ask what to expect. Thank you :D

    • no problem. i'm christian, and i can very confidently say that christians in our age range should generally be very chill. they may just act prejudicial when their parents are around

  • It really depends on the both of you. I'm rather atheist myself and I have no problem dating someone that has a religion. But if they are way to religious-crazy that's a no-no. You may want to talk about it to her. Don't exactly direct towards yourself, like ask for her opinion on the situation and ask cause you have a "friend" that's atheist. If she's super religious then she probably won't be open to it.

    • It depends on how much her religion influences her lifestyle.

    • I might do that but considering she is quite smart she will find out the thing it's about me. But It's me who's about to find out how devout she is. And you're right, if she's too religious I might have to do the walk of sadness on my way out :/

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  • If she's really a devout Christian, you'll have to be baptized to marry her (in church) and she'll expect you to go to mass, to educate your children in a Christian way. (Christian schools, Sunday school etc, etc)

    • I hadn't thought about it. Now that you mention it, that will be a reeaaally big deal for her and her family and that'd be an uncomfortable way to drive my life to.

    • You'll have to conform to the expectations of her religious devout family and friends or isolate her from them: you might chose to live in another town/country for instance, but will she be happy then? I'm not sure.