Has anyone been in this situation?

You know that type of chuck and blair situation?

Where you date a guy and things go bad, and he ends up getting a new gf.. and he breaks your heart.
You decide you are worth more than this shit, so you cut all ties and move on.
He continues contacting you even though he has a gf and wants you in his life.
He says he doesn't want to lose you and if things hadn't gone bad those few months where you lost contact you would probably have been dating now, but things can't be changed but you never know in the future.
Why would a guy say this if he has a gf and probably is happy? why want to be in touch with someone you have dated before?
He says he doesn't want to forget what we had.

We are so different, he tells me im the kind of girl that is cute but crazy.


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  • He's not happy. I went through this a couple of months ago with someone I thought was a great man. He actually lied to me and told me him and his gf had broken up. Like an idiot I believed him. I mean why wouldn't you want to trust someone you've known for 6 years right? I was wrong. A month after my birthday my friend told me that he had been talking to his "Ex". When I confronted him about it he told me it was complicated with that other girl. He wasn't happy. Just remember this one thing. The guy you're talking about may look happy with this other girl. Doesn't mean he's actually happy. The real question here is do you feel okay speaking to him knowing he has a girlfriend? I don't think this guy you're speaking of is capable of loving anyone right now. You are definitely worth more. Don't be second choice be someones first choice.


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  • he doesn't love you or anything he is just some sick douche trying to get attention and get in your pants... if he wanted you in his life he wouldn't have gotten a gf.


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  • no, he sounds like a selfish arse