I sent this text message to a guy, if you got this what would you think?

I met this guy in October and everyday we have chatted for hours via Skype Facebook etc, we live a fair distance away, he's told me that he more than likes me and cares about me, anyway I didn't hear from him since Thursday, and that was just him replying when I said happy New Year, anyway I have been really upset so I sent him a text tonight, but I'm, thinking now I shouldn't have sent it, don't want him thinking i'm too needy, and scare him off. I wrote this to him on a text. No texts no calls, no messages on Facebook, I don't know if your just busy or!!!, but then I checked my Skype after sending it to find I had two missed calls from him yesterday, do you think I will have blown it sending him that, what should I do, don;t want to loose him, have really strong feelings for him


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  • You could text him and say you just saw his missed calls so you're feeling embarrassed for sending that text... or Skype / just pick up the phone and talk to him. Not many people bother doing that and an apology over a call means a lot more than in a text.


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  • just apologize, truth my dear, always the truth.


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