How does a girl reciprocate a guys advances?

Guys hit on me a lot but subtly. Recently my cousin who got married hit on me during a trip. In the end he sat near me In a hot tub and rubbed his feet against mine. I believe his wife knew earlier and told his dad to stay and watch us. She was worried. He hit on me slot and I was interested but I don't know how to reciprocate. Whether it's him or another guy. How does a girl recirpocate? I'm scared if I do he might turn on me and tell his wife who knows. My brother in law hits on me aggressively too. Ok yes i know it's not ok I'm not a home wrecker I have my reasons. But how do I recip these guys that seem to want me so bad

I'm at my prime and super horny. Single guys r weird and reject me tho I'm hot. If a married guy wants me I may do it depending on the situation not sex just fooling around. Part of it is revenge against some family members too why I don't feel bad about it.
I don't send out signals I am
Super hot and these guys hit on me aggressively so bs to the jerks. I'm innocent and have rejected all their obvious signals. But I'm willing to do stuff since I'm reslly horny and single guys constantly reject me. Only these married guys want me so badly as single guys treat me like crap


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  • super hot has nothing to do with it, lack of respect does. If they thought you or there wives were anything special, that wouldn't be happening. They think you're easy, so easy that they think they have a chance even though they're with your own family member. That's hardly a compliment hon.

    I don't get why girls think being an easy fuck is a compliment. Being the one they fall in love with actually means something. Any girl can fuck, but not any girl can actually get him falling so in love.

    • Haha oh yeah a real
      Easy fuck huh? I'm a virgin. And what u say is so untrue. Ur sick
      In the head. Many men treat super
      Hot women like
      Sex objects. Ur a horrible example
      Of the female gender u nasty bltch. You are sick in the head and a bad person.

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  • you sound like a home wrecker. 1st your cousin and then your brother inlaw? something tells me that your send out signals that these guys are reacting to. CUT IT OUT and get your own guy

    • They're the ones hitting on me u dumb freak. All the time. I ignore all their advances. My cousin even rubbed his feet with mine In the pool and I backed off. So fuk you. Piece of shlt. They're bold enuff to hit on me cuz I'm family other guys r scared cuz I'm hot

    • Really. No they're the home wreckers hitting on their cousin and sister in law blatantly. I'm just a horny woman at my prime who is interested in their advances. I think u have it backwards u ugly piece of shlt

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  • Girl bye. Leave married men alone. And at least stop fucking around with distant relatives. That's just gross. If your seriously considering doing this then I see why guys only want u for sex.

    • Oh hey funt. Shut ur mouth and everyone these days is into married people and it's they who r hitting on me so don't yell me stuff u stuoid wh0re and I will def get with my relatives they're not blood related and cousins do marry. I'm also sure ur sorry ass has gotten with married people. And guys want me for sex? Ur rude as hell u bitch. Go jump off a cliff. I have a doctorate. Ur an uneducated ghetto loser. Go shoot yourself

    • I'm trying to get advice not anger from angry psycho jerks with mental problems. Go take ur meds u arrogant piece of ugly shlt. It's obvious u were raised by a prostitute with that attitude. And I will definitely fool around with my brother in law. And brag about it. He's the one who wants me not the other way around it's his fault not mine. Tell him and my cousin to stop making advances at me. I'm just going with what they're doing and fo sho u self righteous hypocrite will def be doing it. I'll post u hypocrites with the outcome

  • stop taking other people's men, skank.

  • Don't! That's never ok! Stick to available guys.

    • Well the guy wants it so. If I do too I'm interested

    • Then you are a home wrecker. Good luck!