Confused, any ideas?

So, I met this girl like a years ago, we got preety close, after some conversations, she told me she liked this random guy, a month or so after that I told her I had feelings for her and that came along with a rejection, she wanted to keep me close tho, I have tried to ask for some space sometimes to get over her and everytime after a day or two she texts me like she really wants me in her life and that I'm really important to her. She calls me some nicknames like hun, love and some other names that only make sense in Portuguese (loool) .
She oftenly reminds to tell me that she likes me a lot and wants in her life forever and things like that.
I really like her, she is my best friend and I would do anything to see her happy, but I can't tell what she wants.
About the guy she liked, I never got to see him and she never mentioned him again.
I dont know what to do, I really like her, a lot, any ideas?


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  • She's either confused or thirsty af, girls don't like to come out and say directly what they want it's just how we are it's the whole rejection thing just ask her what she wants she tell you if you really wanna know

    • Alright, thanks for the answer! :)

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  • Tell her that you really like her and you want to be more than friends and that's what you need you can't just be her friend anymore :) You've gotta hope and pray it works out :)

    • Alright man , thanks for the reply! :)

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