Is he going to contacting me ever again?

I was seeing this guy casually 7 months, but in November we stopped contacting each other for no reason and that was it. We has great chemistry together.

Two months later, he contacts me just to say hi and that he remembered good times we had, and hoped I still remembered him. Then he asked if he could see me again.

We went out for drinks to catch up. He avoided direct eye contact with me a lot.. I asked him why he stopped talking to me and he said he got busy with work and looking for full time instead. And that I could've called him, too. He payed for my drink and went back to my place. I wasn't really impressed this time because it looked like he wanted me to give him more head than have sex.. It usually lasts a long time but it was short.

After he was getting dressed I told him it was nice seeing him again, he said the same. Then I told him I don't thigh I'm up for a sex buddy situation right now, and that I've been seeing someone new for the past few months while he disappeared. It was hard for me to say it.. He asked for a few details and told me if I want to hit him up for a concert this summer of whatever I can. He knew I didn't seem too into that idea. I told him I wanted to see him again to see how things would go but I wasn't too impressed.. Then he said something about taking me to a movie. I told him fine that he can text me.

Do you think he's going to call and ask me on a date?


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  • I don't think so sorry

  • How long ago did you see him. Looks like he's just looking for attention whoever he was talking to probably stopped talking to him and is just looking for a hook up buddy I would ignore him

    • I just saw him last night! It's gotten me thinking if he's interested in me too. I felt like I needed to tell him I'm seeing someone else so he knows he might be loosing me. We talked out going to a music festival this summer so he said that if I want to hang with him at it this summer I can contact him. Then he mentioned taking me to a movie. I first told him well then he can call me, but then he said he'll be texting me. Then he left