What makes an awesome boyfriend?

I just wanted to know what girl thinks makes the best boyfriend for her. I mean like personality but physical characteristics are accepted too :P

If you could say what type of girl you are (as in sporty, likes books, party girl, and so on) that would be great :)


Oh and guys can answer too :P Say what you guys think attracts a girl..

Would be interesting to get the two sexes' point of view.


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  • I'm very introverted and basically love doing anything that involves the Arts (Music, Writing, Drawing, Etc.)

    Personally, I love when my boyfriend actually listens to the little things. Me being introverted I don't really say much on a daily, so when I do, it makes me really happy he's actually listening to me. Manners are a number 1. Never assume, unless it were obvious to do so. For me, it's the little things that matter. Communication, Respect, and Honesty is key. Motivation and Encouragement is wonderful too. (:

    • Awesome thanks for your input :) Im introverted too :P Im trying to change that tho. The times I do act extroverted i found that I get to meet new people and make more friends and just be considered as a friendlier, easy to approach kind of guy, and thats what I want.

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    • Yea i know what you mean :P I don't wanna change myself to much as to deteriorate from my original personality, but just enough so that I can be easier to talk to and be relaxed around people.

      Good luck =)

    • Sounds good! Thank you! Goodluck to you as well! (:

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  • Someone fun and interesting - with good friends and a good sense of humor. Someone who is capable of having a good time, and doesn't have to rely on me all the time to do anything interesting. Someone with hobbies they were interested in, and someone with goals and ideals. I'm not much of a romantic - I'd just like someone who is nice and an absolute hoot of a person to hang out with.
    Looks really aren't all that important - but a good jawline just gets me every time.

  • someone who is smart, and really nice. Girls don't actually like "bad boys".. or assholes.
    someone who tells his girlfriend she is beautiful.

    If I ever have a boyfriend, I want to sit and watch a movie with him while we eat takeout. Or sit on a roof top and look at the stars together. Just someone who respects boundaries, and is a genuinely nice person.

    For physical, I like strong hands, and nice eyes. If a boy has beautiful eyes, It always gets me :)

    • Great thanks for your input :) Yea I like watching stars on rooftops too :P

  • Im creative, outgoing, and love music. My bff/bf respects me 110% and really listens when I talk. That's mandatory. Also I couldn't be with someone who didn't have a sense of humor and positive attitude. Want someone who will hold hands with me in the mall and cuddle while were watching tv

  • im not a party chick- i don't like clubs or anything like that... im pretty focused on "important" things and im family oriented...
    what i feel is important with guys is communication, affection and trust..
    don't be clingy- some guys can come off as way to clingy... also dont be a "mama's boy" show that you are the "man" and you can take charge..

    • Thanks for your input! :) Yea for me I would like a girl thats kinda family oriented seeing that I am myself. Like I imagine her sitting with my family and playing board games and having fun. Then going out for a hot drink and just talk and feel comfortable.

  • He is honest, not selfish, he is mature, he cares about my feelings. Patient with sex.

  • Nice smile
    Courteous to everyone
    Similar beliefs on what is important (religion, family, money...)
    Nice muscles ; )
    Romantic side
    (I am an old fashioned bookworm that lives in the country lol : ) )


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  • Summarization of all the descriptions from the girls: "good guy, no mental problems."
    Seriously almost everyone has most of those traits in the right circumstances.