I like this guy I see, but never spoke to. Am I being too positive about this?

So when I was in high school, I use to see this guy at the gym. To me he's beautiful and has the whole boyfriend material thing. I'm a really good judge of character with these things. I can tell he's shy overall and lacks confidence, but could tell he would make an amazing boyfriend. I'm usually extremely picky with men and how they carry theirself. Anyways I stopped going to the gym. That was three ish years ago. I was thinking about him two nights ago randomly and then saw him yesterday at the store. It was crazy and I was shocked. I did a Little smile and he did too but couldn't look at me. I just find it funny how I just saw him randomly after thinking about him and not seeing him in a long time
When I saw him I started to like him again


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  • If he hasn't reached out in 3 years he isn't worth the time. Trust from experience, going back in time to try to please an old crush is not worth the time. If a person doesn't react to my pursuits in a few days I just move on. And that gets easier the more people you date and have experience with.

    • I said we never spoke.

    • I would always ignore him in the gym back then cuz i was busy working out

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