He's always joking, and I'm more serious?

there's a guy I've been hooking up with. He likes me and I like him too. The thing is, he's always making jokes. He's sort of a hipster who has to always be funny, its kinda cute. But our conversations are only serious in person, but not often. Over text we always tease each other and joke, but I prefer to be more serious and when I get more serious he doesn't always reply. (I'm assuming he doesn't know what to say). But why are some guys never serious? He seems intimidated by my looks, because he's mentioned that I would leave him like his other girlfriends did, and he said that my hotness will drive him crazy. But I am pretty attractive, and its rare that I date. So like, how do I go about this? Why are some guys rarely serious?


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  • Correction, Some guys are serious. I've met some serious men, and I've also met some unserious women. Do not treat men like they are one flavor candies. It's offensive to those men who are. Second, question. Are you happy with him? because if you are happy with him even though he isn't serious sometimes and you don't like that, it would be normal. Nobody is perfect for you, there's always going to be one itty bitty thing that bothers you just like you have things he doesn't find appealing. The flower of love can bloom, but it requires the effort of both members you and your boyfriend.

    If you are unhappy with this, and it really is an issue that you believe that you cannot have in a boyfriend, then you have to tell your boyfriend seriously, in person, that you want him to be more serious. Otherwise this relationship might not work out. Remember, I said effort of both members. This means him too. If he cannot change for you, then you two probably weren't meant to be together.

    Talk to each other, try to work it out. in person. be fair. :) I hope this helps answer your question.

    • Um, Let me clarify. I never once said in that paragraph that ALL men aren't serious. You read that wrong.

  • I thought most girls liked funny guys. May be thats what he thinks too. Honestly though would you date a guy who is always serious and have no sense of humour at all? But i do get what you mean, he might be joking around at wrong times and making shit awkward etc. Just next when you have chance to time tell him that sometimes when you need to be serious you want his cooperation as well. Maybe he doesn't know what to do in an uncomfortable situation and trying to make the situation more comfortable by joking around. When my girlfriend tells me serious things (e. g. family problem) the only thing i can do is just listen and add comments like 'oh shit...' or 'that sucks..'
    Also with the 'intimidation' thing. reassure him time to time so he knows that you truly like him and won't just ditch him whenever. and i think that was his attempt to be serious about the relationship, showing how he feels little insecure because of his unpleasant experience in the past.


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