Best friend (that I'm crushing on)?

So at my school I created a family. And the person that is my "husband" he's my bested friend and I really like him. and my friend asked him -would you go out with her, and he replied with yes, but I think it would ruin our relationship and I don't want to cause our is so strong?
You know that one guy/girl you mess around with say you love Each other, send love hearts and kissy faces.
And If you told them you liked them, they wouldn't feel comfortable and start giving short answer replys.--that's what he thinks will happen
I don't know what to do/ I think the same way if I was to tell him how I really feel!
Somebody please help xx


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  • are you in 5th grade or something

  • @trackislife im his secret lover... I will marry him one day

    • @trackislife and his bestfriend shall be gone!

    • Ummm... who tf are you anon. @UniqueDX help me, I'm scared.