HAS ANYONE EVER been through a forced broke up that has worked out?

I dont really wanna go into details but me n my ex had a online fight then her mom forced us to broke up she cried everyday. I tried fixing this online speak to her dad 2 times but went bad since i was going through a lot at the time a sister with cancer plus a lot more but lets stuck to the subjectct. Soon it well be 5 months since the forced broke up 2 months since we stop talking she has a new bf but came to me 2 months ago crying her eyes said she misses me and i did nothing wrong but acted cold 2 days later so told her to block me n give her some pretty hard advice which ended with me calling her shallow. I feel like she can't fixed something that broken from texting and phone calls i wanna go see her at collage and pop the question at the end of the month but... i just wanted to know how many people have been in my shoes n if it worked out? And gos with out question that i love this girl with all my heart if am ready to marry herm i tried moving on but the way things went down was just wrong n fucked up i could move on if it was her choice n not forced on her. Sorry thought i added that in and she's 20 and am 22

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  • She got new bf? Move on then.

    • Thats how she deals with pain for 2 months how hair was falling out she could not even eat. Yea she got a new bf n that sucks but what other choice did she have? Stay home n cry over me. But am looking for people that have been through this before n gos with out saying that she loves me. everytime we speaks she crys hell just when i gave up on her 2 months ago she come to me crying agin n said she misses me. All i wanna know if this can work out? i dont want her giving up her mom or dad for me i just wanna fix this so she does not have to keep forcing herself to try n move on she has told me a lot of times that she does not know what to do.

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    • Auto c everytime enjoy your day n good luck with the new year.

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