Are there girls who stay in a relationship with someone who they don't want to be with/completely care about?

One of my co workers recently told me about girls having a boyfriend, "it's never over because you never know how their relationship is really going and you don't know how he is treating her in private. Never make a taken girl a priority, but also never completely write them off."

Personally, I think it's wrong to interfere in a relationship, regardless of its status. Even if let's say the girl breaks up with her current boyfriend for me, so what? I am responsible for another man's heartbreak. I can't really live with that. Also, I am sure she will be hit on many times when I am with her. What if she did what she did to her old boyfriend to me?

I tend to stay away from taken girls, but I do feel tempted at times to keep talking to a taken girl and see how her relationship is like. If she is happy, I back away for sure.

My huge dilemma is that I am attracted to girls with a pretty face, and they all happen to be taken. Actually, a fair amount of girls that I am not very attracted to are taken too.

I don't know. Are there taken girls that are actually ready to leave their current relationship due to whatever reasons they have?


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  • I tend to go for guys who are occupied with someone else, it sucks... i have read much about my own dilema and it comes to the conclusion that i'm afraid of intimacy because of trust issues and from a lot of bad stuff that's happened with my family over the years and how every friend i've ever had has stabbed me in he back... yeh... it's why we go for taken or emotionally unavaliable people, it seems like the safer option for us because we dont want to get hurt again but really we do want love and affection. I think what your co-wokers are saying is utterly stupid and it shows what the general opinion of dating today is to most people... it's no wonder they are always in and out of relationships when they jsut tear each other apart lol. So i would get out of the habit of going for girls that are already taken and try to find someone who isn't... don't get yourself invested any more in girls that are taken.


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  • Just do what feels right, running off with some girl who has a boyfriend may be the best move of your life, she may be worth the risk and be your *ahem* soul mate (ha, if such a thing existed!).

    It could also be a real shit move and end you up with a fat lip and not getting laid. Life is worth taking risks somehow and throwing the occasional moral out the window won't make the world implode. GaGers may have a heart attack as they loath any type of infidelity but they are a tiny tiny percentile and do you really give a fuck what they think?

  • I haven't yet had the experience but I do believe that when the feelings fade out in a relationship, people still want to stay in there because they are used to the presence or acompany of their fb/gf


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