Should I wait this out or just break up with her?

can't see each other for another couple months and I would wait without a problem but.. she acts like she doesn't give a fuck latley barley text me when we do get a conversation going which only happens text she will say I'll message you later. I don't know if she is playing head games but this is the first girl I told her I love her and I did but I deserve better than this. If I wanted to have an occasional fck buddy I'd go to a club and pull numbers. Either head games or she just doesn't know how to love because this is new and she's tin is or this is her personality. Do I give her a chance? Maybe wait it out to see what it's like when we can see each other or end it? This is just emotionally exhuasting don't know where she stands or where I so. Like ping pong.



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  • If she is pretty much ignoring you all the time, she isn't worth your time at all. Before ending it, maybe try talking it through with her and telling her how you feel, then see if she improves. She might have a lot going on in her life that she just hasn't spoken with you about? 't not, then i'd consider breaking up with her and looking for someone who treats you like you're valued in their life. Best of luck!

    • *If not
      .. Oops!

    • She doesn't ignore me but she just seems uninterested sometimes tries and act cold. I think she wants me to chase her. If that's the case fck her for trying to mess with my head.

    • Exactly what I would've said... Mind games are just childish and stupid. I still think it might be good to talk to her about how you're feeling before you take any action... She might realise that the games aren't getting her anywhere and she'll change her attitude.

  • Honestly, I wouldn't want to be with someone who is so immature that they have to play mind games. Honesty is a must, and mind games to me are kind of like lying or hiding your feelings. Thats not a healthy relationship (in my opinion). "Either head games or she just doesn't know how to love because this is new and she's tin is or this is her personality"
    Thats definitely head games. If she is uninterested she is not telling you. If she is interested she is immature, and if its just her trying to make you chase her she defenitely does not know how to love.

    • I asked if she wanted to take a break. She started crying and saying no saying only you make me happy all that jaz. Was really genuine so I mean I don't think she's uninterested

    • Then she is just being immature. The only you make me happy isn't cool. A girl should be happy before any guy comes along. I know its easier said than done. Im a girl myself. I've gotten my heart broken a million times, but that phrase just demonstrates a lot of immaturity. Maybe give her a chance, if you really think its worth it, but dont keep giving her a ton of chances, that just makes people not change.

    • Yeah I will. she's extremely attractive and a good herated girl this is her o ly fault. It's become extremely obvious now that I think about it.

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