I hate really his tattoo?

this guy I've been dating has a tattoo of his and his ex's date. it bothers me a lot.. he said it was a mutual break up but I can't stand that thing. It's so ugly and makes me uncomfortable. I almost don't like him to have his shirt off around me. he also used to have a picture on his wall of them, but took it down after I had been to his house a couple times. thoughts? opinions? is it worth mentioning? help.

I'm really annoyed that it says "I hate really" lol it kept telling me the title was too short so I was trying to reach the minimum but I wasn't really paying attention.


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  • Yeah, that would bother me too. Tie him up and pour acid on it while he's asleep. When he wakes up from the pain just tell him it's nothing like the pain you go through every time you have to look at the stupid tattoo.

  • Not a whole hell of a lot you can do about it, I guess he could try getting it lasered off, or you could apply to get on that Bad Tattoo show

  • Do you expect him to get rid of it? Because that will take time and money.

    • I don't know. that'd make me the most happy but I know it's not too likely. I guess I just want reassurance that it means nothing to him. But I don't know what I want. I just hate it

    • Then you should tell him exactly that.

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  • In this situation I'm not sure what would bother me more. A token of his ex etched into his skin that I have to look at, or that I'm dating someone dumb enough to do that.

  • I agree with @Ihav2fart he can't do much about it either. If things do get a bit more serious then just tell him you aren't comfortable with it, he should understand and hopefully do something about it

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