Girl too busy for date. Is she playing hard to get, she is losing interest or truly busy?

I had recently got to know a girl via online dating. We had went out for 2 date together but i had find that it was difficult to get the third date.

I had tried to ask her for third date for 2 times but every time she tell me that she as activities with her friends, colleague and family.

The first time was when i asked her is she free on new year and she told me she had gathering with colleague. She also told me she as gathering on subsequent Saturday and Sunday even though I did not asked her about her weekend. She did not counter offer and by telling me she is not free on the weekend without me asking, i was not given chance to ask her out on weekend

The second time was yesterday and when I ask her is she free on Saturday, again she told me she had gathering with friends and on Sunday she need to accompany her family even though I did not asked her about her Sunday availability and again she did not counter offer me.

I had notice that after the second date she seldom initiate texting with me but she still remember my birthday and wished me happy birthday after the second date. Also I notice our conversation seem to be slow down to just 5 or 6 exchange compare to previously where we can chat for hours. Also I notice recently she seldom asking me question during texting but her answer usually is still very long and sound intersted in chating with me.

I was wondering is she playing hard to get, she is losing interest or truly busy?

Should i try to ask her is she free on Friday this night? or go cold for few days and ask her again for date few week later?


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  • Sounds like she lost interest after the second date. Maybe she realized you two are not compatible, but she's not sure how to tell you she doesn't want to date you. It seems that even though she may not want to date you, she may be okay to remain friends, since she is responding to your texts (even though she texts less).

    Since she is telling you when she's busy, even offering you information you didn't ask for (like, she's busy the next Saturday & Sunday), she really could be busy, and is letting you know when she's busy so that you don't waste your time asking & her having the awkward job of telling you she's busy again.

    Honestly, it's hard to tell. One one hand, she really does seem busy; on the other hand, it also seems like she is losing interest.

    I say you try asking her one more time, and if she says she's busy again, I agree with what @NinaS said, ask her when is a good time/day for her. If she offers you a time that is good for her, that means that she's interested. If she says that she's not sure because she's so busy, it means she's probably not interested anymore.


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  • She's not interested.

    But you should try once again. If she refuses, ask her - WHEN would it be suitable for her.

    Then go colder.

  • she's acting bitchy and does not seem interested in it... please move on dude


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