Getting over a guy that lead you on?

So, basically this guy lead me on and tried to take advantage of me then denied it (and tried to argue that he did like me, which obviously wasn't true) when I confronted him about it which hurt even more. How do I get over it?


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  • Getting lead on sucks. I think the only thing you can do is admit to yourself that this guy is not the type of guy who deserves you, your time or your thoughts. And you still want to hold on to the way you felt before you realised he was leading you on and you miss that feeling, but everytime you think about those feelings instead use that to remind yourself of how much of a jerk this guy ended up being and how good it is you're not with him anymore.

    • I assume you meant to say "the type of guy who you deserve"?

    • never mind, i miss read it lol

    • I agreed

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  • He really isn't worth the second though. Just move on. It's that easy.

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