Ex bf asked me to meet up but didn't set a date. What do I do now?

My ex bf was abroad until Thursday and we had been texting back and forth since New Years. Anyway, he ended up asking me to meet up with him again and I said 'sure, we could do that once you get back'

He read my message, but didn't reply back. I've seen that he's come online for the past five days, but hasn't actually set a date yet.

What do I do? Do I just ignore it and let it go? Or perhaps he's found someone else because I see him online most of the time? I really wanted to see him as well.


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  • Nothing to do really.

    • So should I just ignore it and think no more of it?

    • Well if he never sets a date no point fretting on it.

  • That means he is busy or so on~so ignore him. If he really want to see u, he will come


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