How do you tell someone your not interested in them without hurting them?

LIke this girl is into me but im not into her... i dont wanna hurt her feelings though. Any help?


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  • With honesty: " Look, Tracey. I think that you are cool but I'm to attracted to you (that way)"

    Thorough/ no ambiguity

    You gotta understand that feelings will get hurt. What you need to do is damage control so that the only feelings hurt are those of attraction. Lying to her or saying something unrelated could make things worst. Remember honesty doen't mean being rude or blunt


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  • I was in love with this guy.. Wow.. Very much..
    He told me:
    I dont know what to say, im flattered maybe you could try someone else im not intreasted in relathionship right now..
    Maybe you should try something like that i hope i helped :)
    Sorry if my English is bad..:P


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  • You just gotta tell her straight up better to hurt her feelings once than have her think she has a chance and crush her later

    • are you sure?

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    • yeah i know what im going to do now.

    • Yeah, I would be upset if I found out later you had a fake interest in me than if you would have just told me you didn't feel a connection. I agree @acleverusername

  • First make sure you know how to use words... its "you're" as in you are not interested.
    Then tell the nice boy that likes you: "you're a nice person but I only see us as friends."

  • "Leave me alone, I like men."

    • haha, but im not gay would if she tells everyone im gay :/

    • It's a joke dude, a joke.