Girls, is it good or bad if your parents like a guy your dating?

I've heard mixed views on this... that perhaps girls get turned off if her parents approve of her boyfriend, but then again some seem to want to find someone who meets their parents standards.
  • I want them to like him
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  • I want them to tolerate him (neither like or hate)
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  • I want them to dislike him to some extent
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Also, if you don't want them to like him can you elaborate on why.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, it'd be way easier for me to date the person if my parents liked them.

    My last ex, my parents and sister HATED and it sucked. They wouldn't even allow him to come to my house. He wasn't even allowed inside. They disliked him a lot. My sister would get pissed of at me for even talking about him.

    So, yeah, I'd rather that my family liked the person I was dating. My family and I are very close so it would hurt me a lot if they didn't like the person I was dating.

    • That makes sense.

    • I don't want my family to just "tolerate" him. I want them to like him almost as much as I do (LOL). If they didn't I'd be really sad about that and it could be the beginning of a break-up. With my ex, it wasn't my family that broke us up, it was other things, but if it wasn't for those other things then I'm most certain that we would have broken up due to my families blatant dislike for him.

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What Girls Said 4

  • It would be amazing if my boyfriend and my parents got on. The guy I'm with now does not get on with my parents at all. He thinks that they're stupid and doesn't think very much of them as parents. They think that he's ignorant and too full of himself. I'm stuck in the middle trying to keep both of them happy. It would be a lot easier for everyone if they all just got along.

    • I guess that would be annoying.

  • It's a plus if my whole family would like my boyfriend (if ever I have one) or at least just tolerate him. Lol

  • I don't care if they like one another as long as everyone respects each other.

  • Just yesterday I was forced to leave the boy I loved because of my parents' disapproval. Perferablly like him... Because if they don't I could lose him.


What Guys Said 1

  • Am I the only one who sees every potential date as a potential wife in the long run? What's the point of dating if you'll go no further?
    So yeah it seems like it'd make sense for the girl to want her parents to approve.


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