Is she giving me signs and I'm just ignoring them?

Met this girl at the local bar a few weeks ago who is hands down one of the most attractive girls in town, very beautiful--and trust me she knows it. Anyway, when I first met her she gave me her phone number-she took my phone out of my pocket and input it- and added me on social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc). When I first met her I considered her out of my league so kinda would shrug off her texts and didn't really try to win her over--play hard to get but not intentionally. Oddly this seemed to make her more interested because she and some friends came over after a party one night for some drinks and she ended up staying the night--fooled around but no sex. She and I are headed back to school--different colleges only 30mins apart--next week and she texted me the other day saying we need to go to the bars before we go back.

I know that she always has guys chasing her and the normal guy would have probably made a move on her by now and asked her out BUT I'm hesitant because I think she's attracted to me at least partially because I'm different than the normal guy and haven't been showering her with attention. I guess what I'm asking here is do I make a move on her/ask her out or just continue to play the hard to get card and wait for her to ask for more?


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  • She defenitely seems interested in you, just be yourself when you talk to her, don't act to hard to get she may get tired of it and move on to something else but i'm pretty sure you have a chance with her (:


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  • I'd say just to ride it out.


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