I don't know what I did or what I should do?

Me & this guy have been trying to get together for over a year.
In about September we were finally able to & it was going amazingly.
I went overseas, but we still had plans for when i get back, adventures to take together. We were being cute & he said he loved me.
Then he started distancing himself.
This stressed me out & i made a deal of it.
The last time i talked to him he said 'life is so hard'.
I said i would give him space to consider everything.
It's only been a few days, but i'm struggling. A girl wrote some inside joke on his wall, he has so many friends who are girls, but still jealously rears its ugly head.
I don't know why he would suddenly change his mind & if he does then i guess that means he never loved me to begin with.

I don't know what to do? I want him, i need him, i love him.


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  • you just gotta ride it out like and see what happens. wait until you hear back from him.


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