What is this feeling? Guys, girls?

I can't stop thinking about him.. I do this really annoying thing whenever I start going out with someone I try and think of ANYTHING wrong with them.. And I haven't been able to think of anything - for the first time in my life.. Also I'm always freaked out about everything when starting relationships.. But I'm not stressed at all or freaked out in any way. I enjoy spending time with him, yet when he puts his arm around my waist, I freak out? Same with holding hands.. I don't know why.

I'm asking a bunch of questions here... Sorry...


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  • Lust. There.

    • Lust?

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    • My wanting?

    • Yes. The things you enjoy above are all things that you grow into and your personality develops a want for them. Those that meet those wants you begin to feel a strong sense of lust for, not necessarily sexual, but often such, though there are many types and levels of lust. In your case it's emotional.

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  • Indigestion.

    • Can I get a serious answer.. please..

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