Should I stop seeing him?

I have been seeing this guy for about a month in a half. it was super amazing at first, and still is, but only when I'm with him. I've met all of his friends, he takes me out, and invests a lot of time and money (which I'm not into him because of that) in me. He called his brother in front of me one time, and told him he was probably going to make it official. He cuddles with me, and we have fun when we're together. He also says he's going to take me to San Diego to meet his family in a month ( we currently live in georgia) . So I have completely fallen for him. The problem is, it's obvious that he's still actively talking to a lot of other girls though he denies it. it's not hard to figure out. He also doesn't text me nearly as much as he did. He only texts me when he wants to hang out now. It's already hurting me. I even asked him if he was serious about pursuing me a few weeks ago so I know not to get attached, and he said " I honestly want to be with you, but I'm just trying to make sure this is my real emotion and not just a fling. I want you to not be shy with me anymore so I can know the true you before I commit" what do I do?

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He's actively meeting new girls that are more than just friends


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  • You need to reign in your emotions.

    You're just seeing each other, you're not together and what's wrong with talking to girls? So because he's just seeing you he shouldn't speak to other women?

    It sounds like you've invested way too much stock into things already and if you aren't careful you'll drive him away with your clingy behaviour.

    I think you should continue to see him and see where it leads.

  • You haven't made it official so why should he be exclusive? When you make it exclusive, then tell him about it.


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