Was he trying to let me down easy or was he telling me the truth?

So recently my ex broke up with me ( for some complicated reasons- nobody's fault really), and a few weeks later we talked. I told him I still had feelings for him and was wondering if he would be interested in getting back together. He said he would be open to it in the future, but didn't want to rush back into anything and have it end. I believed him, and that left me with hope for the future. However now he still makes comments about seeing other people or trying online dating. We are still friends, but its getting to the point where I feel like I can't stay just friends with him. We still hang out, and its like nothing happened. He makes it clear that we aren't together romantically now by his actions, but why would he say he still has feelings for me and wants to be together in the future if he wants to date other people for now? He hasn't actually gone out and dated other people yet, he's just talked about it, and asks me if I'm seeing other guys too. Another thing that makes things more complicated is that we both go to this same dance place every week, and its impossible not to see each other. So should I ask him again for a more straight forward answer?


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  • I think he wants to see other people. But he doesn't want you to...
    So by giving you hope, you're not moving on...

    • Yeah that makes sense, but why doesn't he want me to see anyone else?

    • Because it satisfies his ego when you still want him. Maybe he even likes the idea that you'll probably still be there if he decides he wants you back
      If you move on he won't have that anymore
      Right now he has the best of both worlds

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