I went from having no problem making out on the first date to not wanting to kiss at all?

I was in two relationships back to back. In both of them we kissed pretty much right away. In both of them the guy asked me to be his girlfriend in two weeks of meeting and talking. Both of them moved really fast, now I feel worn out.

I am going on a date tomorrow, but I am not ready to get into a relationship again, and I am not nearly ready to kiss someone else. The idea freaks me out. Is this weird? What would you think if a girl didn't want to kiss right away? This is a date with someone I never met.


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  • I think if he does try to kiss you at the end or during the date, just tell him politely 'no'. If he does not respect that then there should be no reason to go on a second date, but if he respects it then you'll know he is somewhat of a decent guy.