Does this guy like me or does he just want to be friends?

So he asked me out to dinner last Saturday and I went. We talked a lot about things. When we were getting back to his car, he opened the door for me. (I've never been with a guy that did that before.)
So when we got back to my house, I was expecting him to kiss me, but he didn't. I found that a little odd because all the guys I've been with before, have always kissed me on the first date.
He did say he wants to see me again. But he didn't say when.
Then just today I said in a text, "Hey hope to see you again soon! I want to get to know you more." Then he wrote, "Me too. Definitely should hang out again." I then asked, "Are you free this weekend?" He said, "I might be. If I am, I will definitely let you know."
I know we just went on a first date and I met him at a Christmas party my sister had a month ago. We talked even then.
I think he's cute and all and I really want to see him again. I don't have any butterflies yet though. Usually that happens to me within a month or two.


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  • he's a gentleman as he opened the door for you and didn't kiss as it was the first date i think he surely like you or he's just a nerd

    • Well he doesn't seem like the nerdy type. So I guess you're right that he's just being a gentleman.

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