Have you ever had it so perfect?

Long story short.. I used to be on the lookout for a relationship for a while, but once I finally stopped... the most amazing thing happened. I started running into a group of old high school friends from yearssss back. One of the guys in the group I used to have a crush on, but I had never spoken to; just an acquaintance. He Facebook messaged me couple weeks later saying something like hey funny how we never talked all these years..

blah blah blah. We started going out, found out we had soo much in common and even have the same religious beliefs and such (which is important to both of us). Just perfect.
He is just the greatest and all our friends are shocked they had not set us up before.

Have you ever had something amazing like that happen? Just so out of the blue, but so great?


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  • Yes, I have had that and it is great. Unfortunately it ended, but I'll always cherries the way we fell in love and how unexpected it was and how great we both felt around each other.

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