How do I make my parents trust me?

I'm 19 and My boyfriend is 23 in the military but he's stationed in forthood about 30 minutes away from me.. he met my parents the other night and it seemed to go well until the next day my mom started asking me all questions and cutting her eyes at me when i told her more about him.. then my dad had the nerve to say he doesn't think he's my type like my dad knows what my type is. They never acted like this with the past guys i dates maybe because they were around my age but 23 isn't that old.. I just want my parents to be able to trust me and my boyfriend instead of automatically assuming he's no good etc... when me and my boyfriend got to together i rarely talked to them about him because i knew they were going to jump to conclusion. ... so how or what can i do to make them trust me and him?


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  • Regardless of whether your parents like him or not, you won't listen to them (because you're in the relationship with him not your parents). I wouldn't worry about it for now it may just be them thinking because he doesn't live local that the relationship may break down and they're just trying to protect you.


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  • My parents have a habit of this too and they say the exact same thing "He's not your type" how the hell do they know we even stick to 1 type? what kind of a shallow person do they think we are? first off you need to tell them how hurtful they are being for assuming you having some sort of specific type of guy and judging you (their own daugher) wrongly... and second they are judging him before they even properly know him (put that in there too), and just explain to them you are in no danger and that you are a smart and responsible person (seeing as they are the ones who raised you to be that way), and express ot them the distress and hurt they are causing you by judging and jumping to conclusions (especially judging you), maybe write a letter to explain how you feel?, if not then they are really acting like assholes lol. Don't get confrontational about them, be mature and explain it in a mature way, the letter would be better for you to do that.

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