I dont understand why im an attractive guy but have such low sekf esteem with woman?

I know im attractive because i see the way woman look at me and act, but im scared to talk and am shy. Its weird i have my moments when i know im attractive and then when im not why am i like that?


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  • You're just shy. If you think you're attractive this is a damn big thing to give you confidence. So, just talk, I doubt it that any girl would deny you at least a conversation.

    • They dont thats the thing im not sure why but it just seems like when i get them talking i can never think of anyrhing to say its like im scared to say something stupid. I got a girl that i like now and ill go see her at work and its like i freeze up, i think she can tell im nervous cuz she will try and keep the conversation going when she keeps asking me questions about myself and asking if im ok and stuff she works at a bar

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    • Thanks that helps, i prolly won't capitalize on the advise lol but it just reasures what i already know

    • You're welcome. Good luck for you then!

  • lack of experience, fear of failure

    best way to get past it is practice, get out of your comfort zone