Does he like me or the attention I guve him?

So as you now know, I have a MAAJOR crush on this guy for about four months. i think he kind of knows bc I have been a little too obvious about it but subtly not like obnoxiously. I would look at him and try to smile or start a convo and he would look away or brushes me off BUT Sometimes I would talk to my friend about how cute he is and he would look back at me and gives a small smile. So i ignored him since he ignores me as well and when I did he started doing things to get my attention. Once he brushed up agaisnt me while passing by, I looked behind me and there was PLEENTY of space flight him to get by, and he looked at me to see if I reacted ( a faint smile but pretended it wasn't for him), other things like making noises, standing by me too close ( he smells wonderful ❤️), asking obvious questions once he asked where was the paper towel ( it was less than an arm's length away) and it LITERALLY in front of him.

About 5 days I put 3 little ribbons on his locker and he still has them lol He hasn't even taken them off. I have ribbons on mine as well. Our lockers are three lockers away from each other and the only ones with ribbons, shouldn't he know who put them there lol

Maybe Im reading to much into things bc i like him but what do you guys (mostly) think? Does he likes me ornthe attebtion I get ve him?

omg.. Sorry for so many auto corrects, i thought i was fine. I was writing fast bc my ipad tends to crash easily so I was trying to finish it before it crashes lol
today in class (we're seniors) he belongs to another table and he stood next to me drying his hands looking at my projects. I wanted to say something bc he stood there for a good 3mins. Pretending to belong in my convos lol but i was waaay to shy. He's popular (always surrounded by girls) and Im the nerdy outcast... how to approach?


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  • He likes you but getting shy to disclose you, he hasn't dare to be open with you, still he coldn't go to his final decision. Impress him more. try to relise him not to scared of nothing.

    • @Rocky96 I rarely talk to boys, thats why im asking all these type of question. so how to impress him? what do guys generally like? Lol putting ribbons on his locker was the riskiest thing I've done for a boy... and Im a senior in High school *facepalm*

    • The same is here dear, I'm a teacher in High School, so can't cross my limitations. but it sometime make me aggrassive me, so I shared with you. Good luck to you for yours!

    • @Rocky96, lol yeah dont cross it. it can turn nasty. I totally understand the frustration. Hopefully mine turns out good. Hopefully be friends before graduation in a few months. m

  • He does like you.


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