So, does he like me as more than a friend? Or just as a friend?

So I joined this forum and there was this guy I met in it's chat room. We, the room, got to discussing relationships and he said to me that he was single when I was feeling sad about being single myself. I thought nothing of it at the time.

Come a few weeks later and he openly admits he genuinely cares about me, and that he feels protective of people like me, in the sense of a big brother (because I felt ganged up upon by the other members in the chat room at one point). He even asked my permission to ask around as to why it was happening.

So now he calls me little sister sometimes, and I call him big brother (despite note being related in any sense, nor knowing each other in real life).

I never thought much of him in a romantic sense, but recently got to wondering, does he think of me in that sense? Does he have some sort of crush on me? Or, like everything else in my life, am I imagining things?

So I know he's been looking at my profile, as I see his screen name under the last 10 people to look at it. Does that mean anything?


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  • Yes, it does, it means he was thinking of you, and curious. If someone told me they were single I would think they're somewhat interested in me.& I also think he started the calling you little sister because he likes you.

    • Wait, what? Seriously? What do I do now? I've kind of stated point blank on the forum that if a guy were interested in me, he'd have to make himself and his intentions known, because I can't make the first move. I've also stated that I'm sort of beyond discouraged at guys for being less than... mature... about relationships, or just plain not being interested in me at all, so I was giving up on dating. Now what?

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    • I started asking him questions about himself. Is that enough to make it look like I am interested in him?

    • You are definitely off to a good start