Crush asked to hang out soon, do I wait for him to text or do I ask him?

Our situation has been a bit awkward, and choppy. We met in October, only saw each other once a week for an hour or so.. both are shy. At first I thought he was being super nice by driving me home and smiling at me. But he'd never text me or initiate anything else. Then we go to a party, both tipsy, and he kissed me. After that, the air between us got different.. and it's been an awkward, confusing process. After about a month of no talking due to our exams and our Christmas break, he texts me saying that he thought of me and then mentions we should hang out soon.

I'm so scared, i've never had anyone like me back before and i feel like the timing is off because it's been so choppy and we still don't know each other that well. Like should i just suggest a movie at his house or something? I don't know what to do since i think it'll be just as friends first before anything else.

Do I wait for him to ask or should i just woman up and ask him when he's free?


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  • Don't take planning into your own hands. Make him be a man and lay out a plan, date and time because you don't want to have to wear the pants in the relationship. Show him you are worth the chase and that good things don't come easy. Its a turn off when a girl tries to rush the plans because it looks desperate.

    • Hmm I know, but we've been going through this thing for like three months basically.. and he asked to hang out soon after finding out i wasn't in the city at the time. So now I'm just worried if I wait even more, he'll think I don't like him (shut him down once by accident) officially and like its been a slow work in progress between us I guess

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