What guys think of a random and confusing girl?

So I like a guy, L. I think he is really nice and a good looking guy. But since I was so mean I think I actually confused him. I didn't mean to do anything mean. When L is around I just can't be myself. Help me and say what can he think?


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  • Well like you said, he might be confused over the whole interaction. Just be nicer to him next time, if he likes you he will come around. Once you gain some comfort with him, you can go back to being mean again (in a playful way) .

    • You're right, I should be nicer

    • I actually kind of like mean girls but you have to kind of build up to that level of comfort. If you do it right off the bat it would make me think you don't like me very much.

  • Hmm... Wired girl I better stay away... Lol
    Joking. If he likes you he likes you, it doesn't matter what you do.


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