Girls, what are some good first date ideas?

So tomorrow I'm going to ask this really cool girl on a date and I was wondering what you all thought were some really awesome first date ideas?

She is on a diet so I was wondering what some other cool things are that we could do instead of going out to eat.

I was also wondering what your guys opinions were on going to movies? Too cliche?

What kind of dates have you gone on that swept you off your feet?

What about bowling?
Also its mid-term here in Canada


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  • Bowling is good, anything active that will not let for awkward silences.


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  • You could try to take her to the park maybe go on a bicycle ride around town

    • That would be awesome! But I forgot to mention it's winter haha. it's super cold here in Canada haha

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    • let me know how the date goes

    • I will!!

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