Can you help me figure out his motive?

I met this guy online. I asked why he was here, he said his friend found his fiancé online and he wanted to give it a try. We'd text all day, talk sparingly (we have conflicting school schedules) and went out twice. Now we'd text about sex about 60% of the time. A week before we stopped talking I basically told him, you're cool, I'm attracted to you but I don't know you well enough for sex. He said he respected that. 5 days later he said 'your a great woman, just not for me' I said cool. I respect that. ... Fast forward. Two months later, I receive a "hi" this starts our conversation again. He told me he was tripping and he didn't know what was going on with him at the time we stopped talking. ... Now, we're texting, and we began talking about sex again. Is he just trying to sleep with me? I told him b4 it's not that easy. Does he really like me? I don't have time for a hit and run. If I wanted to just have sex... I have a guy for that. I want a relationship and the "L" word! :-x

Can you help me figure out his motive?


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  • Yea he is all about getting in your pants. No he is not a relationship material...


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  • Whether they are Online or Off, Kaleleidoscope22, Many of today's toms are sporadic and unpredictable and grow cold duck feet whenever feeling cornered or scared, ending up wandering quickly back into the murky waters from which they came from Where We------Stopped texting... this bird is no exception to my golden goose rule.
    He is 'Tripping' alright, with all his lame duck excuses of being here today and gone tomorrow. And knowing that You are this 'Great woman, just not for me,' he feels it is too close for comfort and by coming back a later date, he may have thought you would have had a change of heart and-----Talking about sex again.
    His motive in in his own warped mind here, dear, is to get you where He wants you and that is between the sheets. Once that happens in his no pussy foot about it little head, he will drop you again and come back whenever it is convenient for this sly guy cat on a hot tin roof.
    You know what you want, however, he has something else in store... this is just a full circle pattern going round and round in circles and no matter how many times 'We're textintg,' there is No action on both your parts... he simply does Not want to be two birds of a feather who Permanently stick together.
    Continue if you may but each and every time he disappears to your dismay and returns out of nowhere, it will never go anywhere but South.
    Good luck. xx

    • she amazing, best creative advice ever!

    • Thank you so much, apple24... wise ol' owl and going strong this year, dear.:)) xxoo