Does my friends with benefits still have feelings for me?

Long story short I like this guy we've hooked up before and we were friends with benefits . He told me he loves me and wants a relationship with me but then he stopped talking to me and now we're not even friends on Facebook. The other day I was talking to a mutual friend of his whom he is pretty close to and told me my friends with benefits still has feelings for me!!! Omg this is so confusing what does this mean and do we have a chance what is going on with this bloke?


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  • NO, NO and NO. They never do!!!

    • This is actually a fact! Guys never ever ever fall for a fwb!
      Get yourself a proper boyfriend and relocate your self respect... fast!

    • @Mecurious. If I see another post from an insecure girl getting into a sexual arrangement they can't handle I will vomit all over this site!!!

    • They do need a shake or five!!