I'm more experienced than the bf but almost clueless when it comes to flirting. How do I get him to kiss me?

So I'm dating my best friend whom I have been friends with since freshman year (currently juniors). It's been 2 months and we have not kissed. On NYE we were at a party with some our best friends who happen to be guys and we didn't kiss at midnight. One friend announced it was midnight and my bf didn't even budge. I'm not sure if that was due to the fact a few friends were staring to mess with us or if he isn't ready. He can't drive yet so I've been doing that, so it's not like a car kiss could really take place. I know some people might say to make the first move, but it being his first kiss I am not wanting to do that because it needs to happen when he is ready not because I think it has to happen then and there. He knows I'm more experienced but a virgin and haven't given a bj, however he doesn't know my last bf went down on me once (kinda was pressured before I was ready so not wanting to go that far for a while). Being my best friend and all, he knows that the last bf did put heavy pressure on me in addition to a close girl friend pressuring me to go further than I was ready for. The pressure from the ex was verbal as in him asking when we would or if we could and from the friend it was just her suggesting I try things because she had just tried them. Boyfriend knows all of that. So I'm not sure if him being nervous is why it hasn't happened. I've tried to drop hints such as some physical contact, but I haven't been pushy with it. I'm cool waiting until he is ready but I want to know what I can do to show him I'm ready in case he's just been unsure as to whether or not I want to yet. What are more hints I can casually drop? Thanks!


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  • You can play with his shirt maybe get close to his face or whisper into his ear anything to get your faces close together so he will be thinking about it. A tip just came to my mind. Stare at his lips or play with your lips (e. g bite your lip) this plants in his mind that you want to do something involving lips (deep in his mind so he isn't directly thinking it) that's the number one rule to flirting (and manipulation).

    • Completely forgot about lip biting. I'll remember those

    • When eould be a good time for this? Haha sorry I just am still in the stage where I get a few butterflies (good ones not bad) when I'm with him and can't think clearly so I'm drawing s blank

    • A good time would be if you're cuddling or when you're alone and you're both thinking about sensual things (you can tell if you both are very nervous). Then it's just about making out the signs it reminds of a odd number experiment

      Pick a number between 1-10 like 3,5,7 then shout it loudly in your head like 7,7,7 I bet you chose the number nine. If you did it just shows how much easier you can get a guy to kiss you with simple flirting.

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  • Oh c'mon.
    Snuggle up on him.
    Kiss him but you know don't scare him with like a French kiss right away.
    Just let him know he's important to you.
    Lead him and love him.
    Be respectful too
    We know we're in charge but I never ever let a guy down, or lead him on too much about sex stuff.
    If you have limits make sure he knows what they are so he doesn't get crushed by rejection and you end up with a very bad experience.
    I try to put myself in the guys shoes, if at all possible.
    More girls should try that.

    • We do cuddle and like I've given him the look while doing so and nothing. I just don't want to make the first move because it's his first time and I don't know if he's ready. After that I'm glad to kiss first haha

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    • Guys don't like aggressive girls? What? This is wrong at least for me I like if the girl makes the first sexual move because then I don't have to worry about it. I love girls that are aggressive and really get turned on by it.

    • I just don't want him to feel pressured. In my last relationship, the guy put a lot of pressure on me so we moved way faster than I was ready for. Knowing how that feels I don't want him to feel pressured. Once we have kissed a few times and find our rhythm I'd be more than happy to go first. It's fun but I don't want to spoil his first kiss if he has an idea of how he wants it to happen since you do remember your first kiss.

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