How to make that first kiss happen without making the first move?

My bf and I have been dating a little over a month and nothing. I've had my first kiss but he has not. Plus I'm his first gf. We are also best friends so that might have to do with it, like maybe he's still working on changing his mindset although he held my hand and stuff the first date so not sure. I don't want to make the first move because if he isn't ready then I know he will feel pressured. A girl friend told me to tell him straight up but I feel that's coming on a little too strong for my case. How can I casually let him know I'd like this to happen?

I do flirt, we snuggle and hug but I'm not the best flirter.


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  • When you have an opportunity and you both are standing and facing each other, tilt your head slightly down, look into his eyes and smile and stand very close, not awkwardly close, but definitely invade his personal space more than usual... but don't say anything. Give it a good minute. This body language conveys what you want without being overly dramatic or pressuring him. If he doesn't respond, it won't come off as weird and you can try again after a while since he probably wasn't ready yet. Good luck 😊

    • What about if on a sofa? We were watching a movie one day and cuddling so I did that and either he didn't read the signal or something

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    • Yeah my first bf was this way only I had never kissed anyone yet so I was on the same page as him. Then the past few bfs kissed me quickly so I haven't really had to think about this haha

      Thanks again

    • You're welcome 😊