So was she creeped out or interested?

This happened to me while on a train. I enter my wagon and while at the door I notice a girl starring directly at me with the corner of my eye. I noticed that she stumbled a bit or looked surprised or looked deeply at me.

She did not turn her head away but she seemed deeply disturbed or interested or something.

I do not know much about her. I think I texted her once or twice but she did not seem to want to talk so I ignored her.
I saw that she would stare at me in public places.

So I went past her seat in the wagon, did not pay much attention to her. But I noticed her looking back at me a couple of times. I happened to be looking in that direction and daydreaming about something and not realized that I was smiling.

So as the train was coming close to the destination, I noticed that she got up and just waited in the middle of the wagon with her back turned at me. This seemed like she was avoiding me. But she might have been waiting for me to make a move? I do not know, if I wanted to avoid someone I would just move in the opposite direction and not just hover in the vicinity.


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  • you guys never spoke yet she still kept staring? she is interested in knowing you yet she kept " eye contacting " but yet with a fail expression im sure she is the nervous + shy person and yes she wanted you to have a movie on her ! or at least just say hi , not from media or electronics just face to face is better because you can tell by the person expression face , does she tidy up her hair? or try to look good and touching her hair? if she does its also a sign of interest and liking , hope this helps.

    • She had a blank expression on her face. She was surprised to see me. She jumped a bit or something like that when she saw me. But she did seemed really tense. How should I have made her feel more comfortable?

    • you can't , she is just too passionate about you , the only thing to settle things down is by talking to her normal plus if you haven't notice she is not the type of person that would want to make the first move :/

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  • She probably likes you. 😊
    Sorry for being forward, but you are quite good looking and have a very nice smile so if you were smiling in her direction, she was probably just shy or nervous but not trying to avoid you.

    • someone is cute and should feel cute ^^ "gaming nerd talk right there" lolol

      but yea i agree with what you said

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    • Oh! *blush* well thank you...
      I'm shy usually so that's why I figured that was what was going on lol

    • oh so you can know tag/mention next time so i can see your reply by " @username" lolol and YOU'RE welcome ^^

  • Your making this so difficult. I was getting anxiety just reading this. Aghhh, The struggle -_- . Talk to her. I feel like your just in your head too much over little movements and body language.. You'll never know unless you talk with someone


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  • Either way it's to late now, you won't see her again will you?
    And she didn't actually give you any gestures she was interested , she just didn't move.
    If you see her again, make sure to sit opposite her or next to her.

    • I see her from time to time when I go to eat at work during lunch break. I think I will pull something with her to see if she talks with me.

    • Good luck, be polite, Romanian girls always get shouted at by men on the streets so they are very used to make attention.
      Be charming and get a nice conversation going.

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