Why do guys get avoid solid date plans when they get to know me better?

If I haven't talked to a guy much, like he just got my number or is someone I haven't spoken to for a long time, he'll ask me out no problem. He'll define the date, Example: "Hey you want to go see a movie this Saturday," etc.

However, if it's a guy I've gotten to know a bit better. Like we're in the same group of friends, have gone on one date, or we've been texting for a while, he's so much more vague. He'll talk about hanging out a lot, and even give a vague idea or date, but not make it solid. Maybe even let the day pass and then bring it up later about how they wanted to see me. They'll be talking to me everyday and showing lots of interest though. I just don't get it?


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  • Guys aren't really into planning, especially if they have to do it all the time... if they say something like "hang out".. then ask for specifics. if they tell you how they wanted to see you, at the end of the day, the day is past, get it out of your mind or plan another day. this is dating 101. one day it probably should be you making the phone call with plans, even things out a little.

    • It's not all the time, just the first or second date. Right from the beginning they get like this, and I don't want to date guys who are bad planners like that. Especially when there are others who plan just fine. It just makes me feel like they're being lazy with me, but would step it up for a better girl.

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    • Are you in a relationship?

    • Nope, because I choose not to be in one. It became boring. Partly because of things like your question.

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