How would you feel if you were on his shoes?

So I went on few dates with this guy. I like him a lot. He seems to be like a very nice guy. He has been very nice, polite, considerate, just a gentleman. He told me one day that he wasn't in a situation where it's possible for him to have romance because he's been very busy with his job. We talk probably just twice in a week. We had not had sex. We made out pnce he told me he wanted to have sex I said no and he said he's willing to wait. One night he invited me to stay overnight at his place. At first he said we could cuddle and I asked him "cuddle or make out?" And he said definitely make out. On the next day I told him I think we're both looking for different things in dating so we should stop seeing each other. And he said he was pretty quickly judged by me and he was sorry for giving me the wrong impression. What do you guys think? How would you feel if you were in his shoes? Am I judgmental for doing that? Oh by the way he's 30 if it matters at all


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  • Perhaps a little judgmental, but he certainly didn't displaying his intentions to well (willing to wait on sex ---> spend the night to make out... that's a little confusing to me). You both probably should have made your intentions know & expressed your boundaries.

    But, all well. You ended it, so what does it matter now?

    • Yeah that's what I thought. I also thought it was confusing. I know it all ended. I don't regret anything just curious since I like him a lot haha

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    • Breaking his word? Yeah, you definitely made the right call.

    • Sigh... Thank you :)

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  • yeah it was kind of rude but then again, everyone is entitled to an opinion and i love honest woman
    so i would respect your decision

  • I'd be disappointed I missed out on a promising relationship because of my stupid job.

    • Huh? I decided to do that because it seems like he just wants sex after what he told me, the fact that we don't talk much, he invited me to stay at his place. I don't mind not talking, I'm not a clingy girl. But those facts lead me to that conclusion.

    • Even if you don't have time for a proper full-on relationship, you still crave affection and companionship. Sex can be part of that.

      You were afraid he'd try to have sex again (which isn't an unreasonable assumption) but you also doubted that he'd agree to wait again.

    • Yeah that might have been what he was looking for. Thanks for sharing your perspective :)

  • Depends, what's the size of the shoes?

    • I mentioned his age cause I think some people think or act differently in certain age

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