When romantic tension is high, what is a good amount of time to push for to wait to become intimate?

I've been talking to this man I met online for many months now. Things are serious. Serious, as in 'I love you' has been said and reciprocated. Now, I'm no stranger to caution, and I have been proposed to in many relationships, but this guy, I would accept as my husband. Just so you understand what this man means to me... he has expressed the same feelings. Also, I should mention neither him and I are new to love or relationships.

Since we haven't met, sexual tension has been built upon over these past few months, and I know a lot of it is the result of simply not being able to show basic affection. Though, the problem for me is, every time I sincerely imagine us meeting I can't see the two of us being able to hold out for more than a few days...

I don't want to go too far too quick, but also I don't want for us to kind of awkwardly be dancing around the desire...

What amount of time do you think would be appropriate to wait to become sexually intimate?

Please if you have little to no faith whatsoever in online dating or even true love, keep your opinion to yourself. I am not stupid, I know what I found.


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  • i would say till u r married because that is only when you have a little amount of real hope
    but realistically speaking, i think one year of online relationship is enough to know a person so 2nd date should be good enough to go at least 2nd base


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