Not texting at all, bad sign?

So the guy I'm dating and I used to text around every other day, even more in the very beginning. Now I haven't received a text from him for a few weeks. He just phones instead of texting. But he won't even respond to my texts and will call a few days later. Isn't this weird even tho he used to text a lot at first?


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  • talk to him about it. ask him why he calls so much and doesn't text. easiest way to answer your concerns

    • I don't want to come off as needy so I avoid talking about our relationship or lack there of.

    • That is a problem. you should feel comfortable talking to him about things that are bothering you. you don't have to make it sound needy. just say something like "i really liked it when we used to text more often" if he can take the hint he'll know to start texting you more.

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